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Need retirement income
planning help?

Planning without preparation can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. The Retirement Income Planning Checklist is a helpful starting point that can help you see what is involved in planning your post-paycheck years.

This easy-to-follow checklist will cover 10 things to consider when planning your retirement income.

Tip #1: Plan for a long life

The life expectancy for retirees has increased since the Social Security Act was passed in 1935. There is a higher chance of retirees living to age 85, which means you’ll likely need more retirement income than previous generations.

You’ll learn more about life expectancy in the first section of the guide.

Tip #8: Taxes in Retirement

Depending on your marital status and your total amount of income, a portion of your Social Security benefits may be taxed1. Putting pre-taxed dollars into an annuity could provide guaranteed income2.

Learn more on page 14.

Tip #9: Distribution Strategies

Saving for retirement is only half the battle. Figuring out how you will utilize your savings once you retire is essential. This is when income distribution strategies come into play.

Learn why you should pay your basic needs and identify the gaps in your income first on page 16.

The checklist also covers:

  • Fluctuating housing market
  • Increased health care expenses
  • Role of Insurance Products in Retirement
  • Long-Term Care Assistance Plan
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Rule 72 and the impact of inflation

Are you ready to rethink your retirement income strategy?

Aligning your true priorities and assets will help support your personal goals and achieve the retirement you desire.