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Our Team

Our mission is to help our clients make the best decisions for their investments, income tax and estate planning needs.

In today's world of “information overload,” we feel it's absolutely critical to educate our clients.

Clients of The Holland Group learn the factors that drive poor investment choices including speculating, gambling, market timing and track record investing. Most significantly, our clients begin to understand that the biggest enemy they face may be themselves. They realize that emotional investing is usually a losing strategy. We show our clients how to avoid being swayed by poor investment information shared by the media, and rather, how to stay focused on their individual financial objectives.

At The Holland Group, the foundation of our practice is built upon the firm belief that educated investors make sound decisions for their financial future.

Meet Our Team

Steve Holland

Steve Holland is THE trusted Retirement Advisor for 970 WFLA.  He is the founder of The Holland Group Retirement Wealth Advisors, a financial firm specializing in protecting and growing wealth for serious investors.  Steve has been in the financial services industry in Tampa Bay for over 24 years.  He has been a popular guest speaker at well over 1,000 financial workshops, helping to educate investors and teach other financial advisors the importance of identifying portfolio risk through diversification, tax minimization and comprehensive estate planning.  Steve and The Holland Group have been featured in Newsweek Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Market Watch, Newsday, Reuters and many, other publications.


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